How to Bulk Upload Structured Snippets into Google Ads

How to Bulk Upload Structured Snippets into Google Ads / Google Adwords Google Ads has various “extensions” you can associate with ads, at the Ad Group or Campaign level.  These are essentially additional elements that show below your ad.  Callout extensions can be thought of as bullet items; sitelinks  are like callouts except clickable links.  […]

An Un-hole-y Search Marketing Lesson from World War II

Today we have a cautionary tale for you about the Statistical Research Group, a group of scientists based out of  Columbia University during World War II.   This group did research for the Military, including work on the fuse for the atomic bomb, optimal amounts of explosives in shells, and aircraft survivability.  Members included top […]

The Perfect Landing Page – Found on the Back of a U-Haul Truck

I was driving back from New Hampshire yesterday after hiking to the top of Mt. Jackson with a Scout Troop, when I saw a U-haul truck with a very interesting advertisement on the back.  You can click on the picture to enlarge it – it’s an ad for a partner of U-Haul called “eMove”…the URL […]

Website Redesign Considerations for SEO and PPC

Many of my clients tend to start out an engagement by making various website changes, and often they are even already in the middle of, or about to embark on, a complete website redesign. There are numerous articles and books about how to optimize website designs, but for SEO and Paid Search, there seem to […]

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