How to Bulk Upload Structured Snippets into Google Ads

Bulk Upload Structured Snippet Extensions
Bulk Upload Structured Snippet Extensions

How to Bulk Upload Structured Snippets into Google Ads / Google Adwords
Google Ads has various “extensions” you can associate with ads, at the Ad Group or Campaign level.  These are essentially additional elements that show below your ad.  Callout extensions can be thought of as bullet items; sitelinks  are like callouts except clickable links.  Structured extensions are just like callout extensions except they also show a category (i.e. a characteristic) that they all describe in front of them – things like “Colors”, “Sizes”, “Types” etc., then you see the structured extensions listed out.
If you want to make your ads as relevant as possible to the keywords that searchers are typing, a best practice is to customize extensions at the *ad group* level.  If your monthly spend is high, say greater than $10K/month, you probably have on the order of hundreds of ad groups – they can be very unwieldy to work with individually, even if you’re using the AdWords Editor.  It’s much simpler to simply create your extensions in a spreadsheet and bulk upload them.  Unfortunately, Google’s help is pretty weak on this front; there are instructions that tell you how to upload structured snippets, but no real example of what a proper upload sheet should look like.
In fact, if you’ve investigated this topic at all, you’ll be surprised to hear that the answer is *not* to, as some of the help would imply:
1.) Load individual elements in separate rows – WRONG
2.) Separate individual elements by commas – WRONG
3.) Separate individual elements by semicolons – WRONG

Nope; instead, you’re supposed to load each *set* of structured extensions as an individual row of the spreadsheet.  Then the individual values are separated by…wait for it….”Alt-Enter” in Excel.  Yes, it’s true (presumably that’s Carriage Return in ASCII but not Carriage Return/LineFeed – something like that).

At any rate, here is a downloadable working example of a –> bulk upload sheet for structured snippet extensions for Google Ads/Adwords

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