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Our Approach to SEO

Organic Search is in our blood

We’ve always enjoyed working on content and getting it to rank highly, and we are finding that after many years where it was starting to become more difficult to get results with Organic Search, it has actually been getting easier in recent times, especially if you pursue the right strategies.

Organic search is driven by website architecture, content, and linking.  We find that most clients have plenty of links; what they are missing is content that speaks the language of their prospects, so when the prospects search in their own way for information, the clients website content will show for those terms.


We understand that clients don’t have a lot of time to create content, and it can be extremely challenging to get time from thought leaders in the company.  We systematize the process and boil everything down to bite-size chunks in outline format, with each section of an outline specifying what words to include in the section.  We have found that this approach makes it easy for writers to understand what they should be writing about and it makes the process simple and straightforward.

That said, we do a lot of heavy lifting to get that outline put together.


Our organic search services happen in the following order: 

·         Website Audit
The focus of an audit is – can Google crawl the website, are there any architectural issues, and are there any gaps from past optimization efforts.  Once we have a baseline we can move on to next  steps while you correct any issues.

·         Keyword Research
Our philosophy on Keyword Research is, completely explore the keyword space and do an exhaustive search of it.  We take into account numerous sources to ensure no stone is left unturned:

  • Your own analytics and search history
  •  Numerous combinations of phrases with key terms
  • Competitors keywords
  •  Keywords from keyword research tools
  • Keyword expansion through search engine suggest functionality


·         Keyword Categorization
Once we have the keywords and their volumes and competition levels identified, we go through a VERY GRANULAR categorization process, so we can easily slice and dice keywords any which way.  So if you need a page on a topic, we can easily pull up all the keywords that topic relates to.  This is also very helpful in building Ad Groups in Paid Search campaigns.  Many agencies skip this crucial step, but for us this is very much “secret sauce” – it makes many other tasks and strategies possible later.

·         Keyword Position Tracking
Once we have the keywords categorized, we meet and help you select your top desired keywords, and set up position tracking for them (so you can see, from position 1 – 200, where you stand with both Google and Bing).

·         Keyword Gap Analysis
We identify what terms your website needs the most help on, then we come up with lists of topics for content.

·         Outline Writing
We deliver highly structured and optimized outlines for content, broken down into sections so your writer knows what to write about in an achievable way.

·         Content Optimization
When content is loaded onto the website we triple-check everything to make sure it’s optimal; if desired, we even help with the loading process.

·         Link Building

We find that most clients don’t even really need help with this; their gaps are usually in content, not in links.  But if need be, we can pursue “white hat” strategies such as internal linking, media outreach and press releases, and even “broken link” building campaigns, which actually make the web a better place.

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