Our Approach

Our Turnkey Approach

Most engagements are turnkey in nature – we work as an extension of the client’s internal marketing team, handling everything from creative development to flighting, optimization, and reporting.

In others, we sometimes will work collaboratively as a “second set of eyes”, mentoring an in-house search marketer who manages campaigns day-to-day but needs access to technical expertise and reporting capabilities that are currently beyond their reach.

Either way, our goal is to handle everything and make it as pain-free as possible to get results.

Personal Attention

Clients receive personal attention from our most senior experts.  We meet regularly to review progress and plan ongoing work, clients receive prompt and thoughtful responses to emails and phone calls, and we work to continuously improve results.

We are constantly documenting and automating procedures, which our resources in India then execute on for clients on a monthly basis; this allows us to be efficient and frees us up to focus our time on “game changing” improvements for client’s accounts that have the potential to increase business for them.

Thought Leadership

Ted writes on a variety of online marketing topics with a special emphasis on SEO, has spoken at various conferences including the leading online marketing conference series SMX, and also writes occasional columns for SearchEngineLand.

Our commitment to efficiency and process improvement allows us to “punch way above our weight” and deliver substantial progress quickly.

Up-to-date Industry Knowledge

We work hard to keep our clients abreast of, and even ahead of, the constant change that is the search marketing landscape.  Google, Bing, and Facebook in particular are constantly testing new algorithms and rolling out new features; practices that were commonplace yesterday are soon in the dustbin of history, while techniques that were previously never heard of are widely adopted in a matter of months or at most a few years.

Deep Experience

Our experts have helped many companies grow their businesses and have seen the whole spectrum of business situations, from great success to abysmal failure.  Our experience covers the gamut, from working at standout companies such as Apple and Microsoft, to  working with both B-to-C and B-to-B companies in industries spanning a variety of markets including:



Work Ethic

We are often brought into an account because the previous agency really wasn’t doing much except running monthly reports and cashing the clients checks.  We strive not to be that agency – to the point of waking up in the middle of the night and running to check on how a campaign is running.  Hard work is in our DNA, and we’re not afraid to roll up our sleeves, get our hands dirty, and do the heavy lifting that’s necessary.

In several cases we have had clients part ways with us, use another agency for a few years…and eventually ring us up and bring us back in.  We think this speaks volumes. 

Technical Expertise

There are many aspects to planning and executing successful digital campaigns that involve technical expertise…from things like tweaking a javascript tag, passing information to your back-end via special information in a URL, compressing a creative so Google will load it, to generating reports in Google Data Studio from a platform like HubSpot, we’re up to the task.  That expertise is not static though – we’re constantly striving to upgrade ourselves to stay ahead; which is why we like speaking at and attending industry conferences with our peers, it’s a great way to keep up with cutting-edge best practices.

Marketing Stack

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