Paid Media Services

Pay Per Click Ad Management

PPC is our bread and butter; stints with other agencies, and even in once case having founded a PPC software company, has taught us to think outside the box.  In mature markets where competitors have been running PPC campaigns for a long time, it takes creative strategies to move the ball forward, and we bring lots of ideas to the table.

What do we like to see for clients as far as results go?  Increasing impressions, lower Cost per Thousand Impressions, higher Clickthrough-Rates, Higher Conversions, and lower Cost-per-Conversion.  Notably, often if we do our job right in those areas, the cost-per-click actually rises – because we are doing a good job on the keywords that matter, which the competitors know about and have bid up.

Our Turnkey Approach

We strategize, execute on, and report on campaigns throughout the entire campaign lifecycle. Our goal is to make the process as easy as possible.  Most clients choose to design their own landing pages, with input from us, but we are adept at using platforms such as Unbounce, HubSpot, etc to create landing pages if required.

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