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What Do You Need to Beat Your Competitors & Move Up in the Rankings? It's Simple: Content + Links.


We’ve always enjoyed working on content and getting it to rank highly, and we are finding that after many years where it was starting to become more difficult to get results with Organic Search, it has actually been getting easier in recent times, especially if you pursue the right strategies.

Organic search is driven by website architecture, content, and linking.  We find that most clients have decent websites; what they are missing is content that speaks the language of their prospects, and links from external sites to send a signal to the Search Engines that their business is truly a legitimate one.


We understand that clients don’t have a lot of time to create content, and it can be extremely challenging to get time from thought leaders in the company.  We have a systematized process that removes the heaviest burdens from the business owner – we do all the heavy lifting as far as linking goes, and for content we provide highly optimized outlines for you to simply fill out and hand to your web developer to put up. 

Our organic search services happen in the following order: 

·         Website Audit
The focus of our audit is – are there any architectural issues, do you have all the right “trust signals” on your website for the Search Engines to look at you favorably, and most importantly for a small business: are you easy for website visitors to contact?.  Once we have a baseline we can move on to next  steps while your web developer corrects any issues.

·         Keyword Research

Our founders eat keywords for breakfast, we’ve researched 1 million+ keywords for clients over the years.  We like to look at things like: 

  • Geographic Terms (“yoga studio in attleboro ma”)
  • Commercial Terms (“yoga class prices”)
  • Competitors keywords
  • Keywords from keyword research tools
  • Keyword expansion through search engine suggest functionality

 That all said, at the end of the day, 50% of your business will come from just 3 or 4 keywords, and most businesses don’t need to worry beyond 50 keywords – that is, the RIGHT 50 keywords.  Our deep experience ensures we will zero in on the right ones that indicate a searcher is a real prospect.

·         Keyword Position Tracking
Once we have the keywords selected, we set up search results position tracking  (so you can see, from position 1 – 200, where you stand, on a weekly basis).  Green = page 1 of search results, Light Green = page 2 and so forth.   The numbers are the positions, all the way from #1 to >200.  This makes it very easy for you to see progress occurring, and also aids in identifying remaining gaps; any items that remain yellow or red after awhile represent opportunities for new blog posts or “evergreen” content:keyword rankings

·         Keyword Gap Analysis
We identify what terms your website needs the most help on, then we come up with lists of content topics.  This will be used two ways; to drive highly optimized outlines we will deliver you, so you can easily create “evergreen” web pages that are relevant to your audience, and also to suggest potential blog post topics for you.

·         Highly SEO-Optimized Content outlines
We deliver highly structured and optimized outlines for content, broken down into sections so you know exactly what to write, in bite-sized sections.  The secret sauce is we analyze the already-top-ranking results to see what related words your competition is using about each subtopic, and we include those related words in each section of the outline. 

Some have likened writing using this guidance to “playing Tetris”….once you’ve used all the words we’ve specified, you’ve probably gotten across everything you need to convey to your prospects about your services, and you’re done with that section.
And if you’d rather not write each page yourself, we are happy to develop drafts of each section ourselves (using AI plus some human editing).

·         Link Building

There are many ways businesses try to obtain links – some via legitimate means and many via means that, if Google were to discover you, could result in a serious penalty and loss of rankings.  Below is our take on the various possible methods; we focus on the ones in Green, which we consider “White Hat” – effective and, in our view, relatively safe.

We feel it’s very important to focus on obtaining links, for the most part, in a “reversible” fashion though.  

Google is constantly changing both its algorithms and which linking practices it favors and disfavors; today’s method to get to #1 can be tomorrow’s method to lose all your rankings.  So we make sure that any links built can be edited or removed by you down the road if Google begins looking disfavorably on any of them (other than press releases…once those go out, they are set in stone).

We are all about transparency and accountability – you’ll get reports monthly about our efforts and can review exactly what we’ve done for you.

link building strategies

·         Reporting

We create a dashboard using Google Looker (Google’s data visualization tool, similar to PowerPoint) that you can access 24/7, with data from your Google My Business Account and our Keyword Position Tracking tool, so you have visibility into actual results, not just efforts.  We don’t do long-term contracts; if you aren’t getting the results you’re looking for, you can drop us at any time.  Our philosophy is, be transparent and let the work and the results speak for itself.  In this example below, the graphs show the progress year over year, which also helps you to anticipate seasonality:


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