The Entire SEO Industry is Wrong about Panda

google panda

In 2011 Google rolled out an algorithm called “Panda” which was designed to identify low-quality or “thin content” sites. Sites that got hit with it lost roughly 80% of their traffic, so it was pretty devastating. At the time, lots of people did analyses of it, and the most common denominator was that many of […]

How We Identify Toxic Links, for Penalties or for Hygiene

identify toxic links

Recently we had a client inquire about whether they should be disavowing links on a routine basis, just sort of a “good hygiene” type thing. Resulting from that we took a look back into this aspect of the industry that we haven’t paid much attention to for awhile. It seems like much of the advice […]

Configure All-in-One SEO Properly

configure all-in-one-seo

All-in-One SEO is a WordPress plugin that has been around *forever*. We used to use it back in the day before Yoast got big (in fact, we can remember when it had dashes in its name ;-).  Now that Joost retired and sold Yoast to someone else , our expectation is that the product likely […]